Business Formation & Succession Planning

At Wade Ash LLC, beyond our estate planning practice and informed by our experience as litigators, we assist with the creation and refinement of business entities designed to ensure that your wealth will not only transfer to subsequent generations, but will do so successfully. The appropriate approach for your estate may include the formation of a family-held entity — which may also have estate tax benefits — or buy-sell arrangements in which some descendants will be involved in a family enterprise and others are not.

In this practice area, we also assist in planning for unique family assets, such as recreational property. Creative and customized solutions are often critical to the planning process, when the goal is not only fairness but equanimity.

In addition, our practice includes working with small business owners to create a plan to protect the company in the event one owner retires, becomes incapacitated, or dies. We also help owners plan to wind down or pass on their companies after their retirement or death.

If your circumstances may benefit from establishment of a business entity or succession plan, we welcome you to contact us by calling (303) 322.8943 (Denver) or (970) 366.3727 (Glenwood Springs) or using the online contact form.