Trust Administration

Wade Ash represents professional fiduciaries and family members and friends serving as trustees, as well as beneficiaries of trusts. We can help trustees communicate with beneficiaries, interpret complex trust provisions, decant or modify trusts, and help navigate the challenges of making distributions and administering complex trust terms. When representing beneficiaries of a trust, we focus on protecting our client’s beneficial interest by helping the client understand the terms of the trust, the fiduciary obligations of the trustee, and all of the associated rights of a beneficiary.

What Is a Trust?

There are many kinds of trusts, each of which can be designed or intended to accomplish very different goals. Trusts can last for a short period of time or protect assets for generations. All trusts are arrangements in which a person designated as the trustee is in charge of managing assets for the benefit of one or more people, who are the beneficiaries of the trust.

Our Services

We represent trustees to help them protect trust assets and carry out the terms of the trust they are in charge of administering while observing and complying with the fiduciary duties come with the territory. We also represent beneficiaries to help them understand and protect their interests in a trust. Each type of representation requires specialized knowledge and experience. Collectively, our lawyers have been providing these specialized services for decades.

In addition, we help clients establish trusts to accomplish important goals. In our estate planning practice, we assist clients with creating a trust to avoid probate or protect children or a vulnerable loved one. In our estate and gift tax planning practice, we help clients establish a trust to minimize taxes.

Contact Wade Ash

We welcome you to contact us about trust administration or for assistance in establishing a trust by calling (303) 322.8943 (Denver) or (970) 366.3727 (Glenwood Springs) or using the online contact form.