Probate & Estate Administration

In the Colorado probate and estate administration practice at Wade Ash LLC, we can help you figure out a plan when there is a death in the family. Sometimes it is not necessary to open a probate case to deal with assets. We answer all your questions and work with you to put the most efficient strategy in place.

If you need to open a probate matter, we draft the documents to get probate started and navigate every step of the process with you. Probate is a court proceeding, in which the court appoints a personal representative to take charge of the deceased person’s property. Probate is the official process that allows a deceased person’s bills to be paid and their property distributed.

In Colorado, a probate is usually handled from start to finish without anyone appearing before a judge. There are a lot of forms involved, specialized terminology, and important deadlines. We help you start and manage the probate process until you are ready to properly distribute the assets and close the estate.

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