Trust & Estate Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Whether securing a fair share for a beneficiary or defending a fiduciary from an unwarranted attack, Wade Ash LLC assists you from start to finish when a controversy arises over a Colorado estate or trust. We have long been a leader in litigation, and we offer the broadest and deepest practice groups in the field statewide.

Wade Ash has a reputation for professionalism and success. With our decades of combined experience, we help you navigate any dispute in a trust or estate matter. We approach litigation much more efficiently than smaller firms that are not dedicated to this practice or pocketed practitioners within larger, more expensive firms.

Preparing Your Case for Resolution

The art of trust and estate litigation starts at the beginning: We work with you to develop all the facts of your case. We use state of the art case management and document storage software to make sure all pertinent information is available at our electronic fingertips. We have the attorneys, the experience, and the tools to develop and implement a strategy tailored to your case, whether that requires an initial show of force or a softer touch. Whatever the strategy, we are always prepared to follow through.

Knowing How and When to Settle Favorably

Many cases result in negotiated settlements. At Wade Ash, we are proud of the advantageous settlements we have negotiated for our clients at all stages of the dispute resolution process. It takes skilled litigators to make skilled negotiators. Our extensive experience provides our clients a built in advantage throughout the process of negotiation and eventual settlement.

Taking Your Matter to Trial

With our team of specialized trial lawyers, we offer litigation expertise from start to finish. From the development of strategy and the preparation of pleadings through the process of seeking and processing information obtained during discovery, and then to trial before a judge or jury, we have you covered.

When you become a member of the Wade Ash litigation team by engaging our firm, we take the wheel and guide you through the complexities and intricacies of the process. We also have extensive experience in post-trial practice. Please visit our Appeals: Trust & Estates page for more information about that practice.

Breadth of Specialties

In addition to disputes involving all aspects of trusts and estates, our practice and expertise extend broadly to controversies arising in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings and to tax controversies connected to the administration of trusts and estates. When a trust or estate is involved, we are prepared to handle all aspects, including real estate disputes and transactions, closely-held family entities, mineral rights, and other property interests that are impacted by the administration of a trust or estate.

Contact Wade Ash

We welcome you to contact us by calling (303) 322.8943 (Denver) or (970) 366.3727 (Glenwood Springs) or using the online contact form.