We frequently represent parties in mediation and arbitration. Our attorneys are very experienced in many different types of disputes including the following:

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims
  • Removal of Fiduciaries
  • Common Law Marriage
  • Determination of Heirs
  • Contested Guardianship and Conservatorship Cases
  • Corporate and Partnership Dissolution
  • Creditor Claims
  • Insurance Claims
  • Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements
  • Surviving Spouse‚Äôs Election for a Share of the Augmented Estate
  • Will and Trust Contests
  • Fee Disputes

Wade Ash Woods Hill & Farley, P.C. is centrally located and has offices equipped with 5 conference rooms to facilitate multi-party mediations.

Litigation costs have sky-rocketed and there are more cost-effective alternatives available. Give us a call to discuss your situation and whether our firm can assist you in finding a resolution to your case.

Mediation and Arbitration Contacts: