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Those picky details . . .

In this age of instant access to information on the Internet, including do-it-yourself estate planning documents, it is important to remember that the devil is in the details. Examples on point: a recent email exchange among estate planning attorneys from around the country describing potentially painful prose:

Client's husband died so she presented the will for probate. Upon review, a short paragraph granting certain authority to the Executor concluded:

"I am to be cremated with my wife, Rhonda _____, and my Executor having the discretion as to how and where my ashes are to be distributed."


Hopefully, a court could be persuaded not to enforce this clause.

Time to eat grandma.

Time to eat, grandma.

Commas save lives!

Husband on a trip with his buddies and sent a postcard home - "Having a wonderful time; wish you were her".

Based on the proximity of the Y and U on the QWERTY keyboard, an attorney once received an email from another attorney on "Considerations Regarding Proposed Tryst."


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