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Planning for the Apocalypse

Your options for preparing to survive a zombie apocalypse or other collapse of civilization as we know it now include some rather luxurious possibilities. According to a January 30, 2017 article in The New Yorker entitled “Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich”, highly affluent citizens of the United States have been quietly planning their survival strategies by hoarding rations, gold coins, and weapons and building state-of-the-art underground bunkers stocked with years of supplies.

Whether they fear civil war, financial collapse, or natural disaster, wealthy survivalists now appear to be focused on buying property in other countries to flee to, with New Zealand being the nation of choice. New Zealand has long been popular with the affluent elite, and that popularity continues: for undisclosed reasons, Peter Thiel, the well-known founder of PayPal, purchased a 477 acre property there in 2015, and owns other property and investments in the country. He also took the additional step of obtaining citizenship. According to the article in The New Yorker, an unidentified American hedge fund manager recently bought two properties in New Zealand for the purpose of escaping substantial social, political, and financial turmoil in the U.S.

New Zealand offers the promise of a first-world nation which is geographically remote from strife in America, secure in its democracy, and has plenty of room for an influx of people. It can be reached by private jet and navigated easily by helicopter. It is financially robust and stable, and is reputed to be the fourth safest country in the world. It is a beautiful place. But is planning an escape from America an acceptable alternative to investing in our social structure and civil well-being? I prefer to have faith that we will take strength in our diversity and collectively overcome the specters of civil collapse, natural disaster, and financial ruin, and that we will emerge more resilient from our trials. Although, in the event of zombie attacks, I may choose New Zealand after all.

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