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Mary Tyler Moore: Another Uncertain Celebrity Estate

Beloved actress, producer and activist, Mary Tyler Moore, was laid to rest in a private ceremony in Fairfield, Connecticut on January 29, 2017 at 80 years old, after battling diabetes and suffering from complications with pneumonia. While the status of her estate is unclear at this point, it is very likely that Moore left behind a Will. With a considerable legacy, including an estate that is valued at $60 million, a question arises of who will inherit Moore’s fortune. Her son and only heir, passed away tragically in an accident and her brother and sister are also deceased. This essentially leaves Robert Levine, her longtime husband, as her primary heir. Under Connecticut Probate Rules, Levine is entitled to at least one third of Moore’s probate estate, which in this case, under Connecticut’s spousal share, could be in the spectrum of $20 million. Although Moore left an undetermined amount of money to charity, the question remains: Will her husband inherit a large chunk of the “high-net-worth” legacy that she leaves behind or will charities such as PETA and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, to which she has contributed in the past, receive the majority share?

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