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IRS Annual “Dirty-Dozen” List of Tax Scams to Avoid is Highlighted as April 18 Tax Deadline Approaches

The Internal Revenue Service just issued a warning that scammers may try using the April 18 tax deadline to prey on hard-working taxpayers by impersonating the IRS and others with fake phone calls and emails.

By phone, many scammers are using threats to intimidate and bully you into paying "a tax bill." They may even threaten to arrest you, deport you, or revoke your driver’s license if they don’t get the money they demand.

Scam artists are masquerading as being from the IRS, a tax company and perhaps a state revenue department. By e-mail, they will try to entice you to click on links on official-looking messages containing questions related to your tax refund. Report these emails to Scammers will call payroll and human resources professionals soliciting W-2 information (Read IR-2016-34). They will request that you verify your tax return information over the phone (Read IR-2016-40). Or pretend to be a tax preparer Read IR-2016-28).

Read IR-2016-12 which will also give you the IRS’s annual “Dirty Dozen” list of scams to watch out for.

For a specific example of just how far these scammers will go and the manipulative tactics they are using, check out this woman’s story of how she was almost duped out of $5,000 over the telephone: Forbes.

We are sending you this e-mail because we don’t want you to fall victim to these scams!

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